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Counterfeiting & Fraud

Counterfeiting & Intentional Adulteration have become significant problems threatening supply integrity  and placing consumers, brands, and corporations at significant risk. Learn how CertiRx’ Brand Protection Services can help you secure your investments.

Serialized Security™

Secure and add value to your supply chain serialization efforts. TraxSecur™ delivers “Serialized Security™,” an extraordinarily high-security mark that is unique to each package.

Document Security

Ensure your documents are not misused as they transfer in and out of your secure digital content management systems. Bridging the gap between digital security and physical articles, AuthentiForm™ secures the “Analog Hole”

Holistic Brand Protection

    CertiRx comprehensively addresses brand vulnerabilities:

  • Address counterfeiting through advanced authentication technology
  • Secure your product against unauthorized tampering with localized fraud detection
  • Protect against grey market diversion with Serialized Security™
Counterfeiting is a large and growing problem:

  • 10% of total world trade is counterfeit
  • The global counterfeiting market exceeds $650B expected to grow to $1.77T by 2015
  • Drugs and medical devices are the 3rd most counterfeited category
  • The WHO estimates 8-10% of the world’s drug supply is fake
Counterfeits cost governments and their citizens:

  • Counterfeiting and Piracy costs G20 governments $125B/year
  • 2.5MM jobs are lost every year due to Counterfeiting and Piracy
  • Counterfeit pharmaceuticals comprise a ~$80B market
  • Revenue from counterfeiting and piracy fund criminal activity and terrorism
Counterfeits injure and kill:

  • Counterfeits pharmaceuticals pose serious health and safety risks
  • Fake drugs have increasingly shifted from lifestyle to life saving indications
  • In Sub-saharan Africa ~70% of the drugs are fake including Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV treatments
  • An estimated 700,000 people die every year from counterfeit pharmaceuticals